KTM 200 Development vs Pulsar 220 Purchasing Decision

8 02 2011

So..first of all, I would like to thank all of the guys from Bajaj Auto Indonesia who won’t let me publish an article about the incoming twin cylinders Pulsar 250. Personally I have a deep thought that such news is a totally HOAX..

Let’s go to the real life. Pulsar 220 is just a few days ahead from its launching ceremonial in Indonesia. The timing was right since the CBR 250 won’t be launched so quick on the first quarter of 2011. Pulsar 220 won’t cost more than Rp 23 million. The price positioning is above Yamaha Vixion/Byson and below Honda Tiger. This “Fastest Indian” shall  head to head in engine displacement with Yamaha Scorpio 225. But in other features, Pulsar 220 surely superior than Scorpio.

But.. Having read Mr. Rajiv Bajaj statement on BS Motoring (British Standard Motoring) that Bajaj is on the move of development stage with KTM to produce Duke 200, The shocking statement quickly shake my intentions to purchase Pulsar 220. Well..thanks to my fellow Bajaj enthusiast, Mr. Satadal Payeng for his article here.

Yes..previous experience with the launching of Pulsar 180 UG-4 has taught me not to hurry to buy such Pulsar. less than 3 months after I bought a 180 UG-3, and..the UG-4 launched with the same price of Rp 18 million. So..no need to rush guys..you can still enjoy your old bikes.

Except for you who never had an Pulsar-riding experience before and already planned to purchase one. That’s a completely different case.

Personally Pulsar 220 is a must-have bike for its cutting edge features such as the DTS-i, projector head lamp and the oil coolers. You won’t end up with a Japanese bike with the similar features at such price.

The photo below is the snapshot of KTM Duke 125..KTM Duke 200 in my opinion should be sexier.

KTM Duke 125



22 responses

8 02 2011

komen ane gak bs di del. delete dong bro.. typo tuh.

8 02 2011


8 02 2011

bentuknya tetep half fairing?

8 02 2011

Bentar om Ben..ane cari translator ane yg ketinggalan dirumah..xixixiixix :mrgreen:

8 02 2011

umpami kulo, nggih langkung sae nenggo KTM Duke 200, amargi Pulsar sampun katah lan sampun biasa

8 02 2011

lhooo…. koq jenengan saged ngangge boso ingriss to mazzz… kulo mboten mudheng … dadine namung nonton gambaripun mawon…..

8 02 2011

Mboten mudheng bohoso londo

8 02 2011

I must agreed with you Bro, enjoyed my old UG3 first that Duke 200 would be the next Loop, and only a loop but totally jump out from look and tech…
I will wait eventhought have to be one more year

8 02 2011

bli ngerti kepriben kih..

9 02 2011

mana luruh kamus dikit kang..

8 02 2011

i love you,good morning,no smoking
*bisone mung bahasa inggris pasaran*

8 02 2011
arif rakhman

inyong pikir, nggem mas Ben sing paling cocok yo PZZO bae lah…. :mrgreen:

8 02 2011

KTM 200 njing nopo anggenipun brojol ?

8 02 2011

duke 200 masih lama lahh..di india aja baru dikonsep.. 2012 baru dirilis..juga belum tentu dirilis di indo

8 02 2011

wah nyong ora teyeng……

8 02 2011


9 02 2011

Weks.upu iki?

9 02 2011

previous experience with the launching of Pulsar 180 UG-4 has taught me not to hurry to buy such Pulsar. less than 3 months after I bought a 180 UG-3, and..the UG-4 launched with the same price of Rp 18 million….

xixi, there is a better irony in indonesia bro, many people purchase ug4 for 18 million, then a few months later the price is decrease to 16 million rupiah.. in this case they should enjoy their old expensive price..

9 02 2011

ooooom ga ngarti om…….. tar tar nyari kamus dulu deh….

9 02 2011

mumet ndasku om ben,ben….

9 02 2011
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21 03 2011

apa gerang nang di penderkan ni ?

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