Dear Amateur Terrorist, Try Harder with Indonesia

14 01 2016



Dear Terrorist,
As you see in the picture above..

Indonesian people are happily

watching some of your amateur terrorist vs cops..yeah..just some ordinary cops seen everyday.

So I’m telling this to all terrorist out there, you should entertain us better and learn more how to make chaos in Indonesia.


R.I.P Terrorist (Rest In Pieces)

I hope in the future our people can watch Kopaska, Denjaka or Denbravo vs your lame disciples, which is almost impossible since those Indonesian “Ghost” Force will most likely put a bullet inside your bearded ass before you even realize it.

This is Indonesia…!!
We Are Not Afraid.

The satay booth near Sarinah is still open during your stupid action.

And we will will bury those stupid dead terrorist along with some horse shit.




2 responses

15 01 2016

matinya tersenyum, kyknya mau cari sensasi biar terkenal sayangnya cuma amatiran, coba kalo lebih gahar kayak di perancis sana [pasti lebih seru & banyak korbannya,, huh CEMENN, herannya polisinya juga takut pake sembunyi2 padahal cuma pemuda ALAY pake pistol doang ckckkc 😀

16 01 2016

weh, ad versi close up foto pelakunya..

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