Flashback…Dainese Italian Legendary Tour bersama Marco Simoncelli

25 10 2011

Supersic in action

Saatnya mengenang kejadian yang melibatkan almarhum Marco Simoncelli aka. Supersic semasa hidupnya..ketika ane ubek-ubek Youtube eh, ketemu beberapa video. Rupanya Dainese dan MotoUSA di tahun 2011 ini pernah mengadakan fun touring di Italia yang diikuti oleh para “legend” MotoGP diantaranya Giacomo Agostini, Marco Lucchinelli, Carl Fogarty dan Baca entri selengkapnya »

Kondisi Riding Gear Supersic Pasca Kecelakaan

24 10 2011

Riding Gear Supersic

wearpack Supersic post-crash

helmet post-crash

helmet crack post-crash

During this morning practices (11 am local time) at Sepang (Malaysia) Marco Simoncelli crashed at a speed of 115 km/h.

The bike, during the braking phase before cornering at the 7th turn of the circuit, slided starting a high-side motion. The violence of the crash is demonstrated by the telemetry data that show 10g acceleration impacts during the fall, that lasted 5 seconds total. 

The helmet and the D-air® system protected the pilot at their best as it was confirmed by all the clinical analysis made at the hospital. Simoncelli AGV  helmet demonstrated an optimum shock absorption. Marco said to be very satisfied about how the protection system worked, especially referring to the Dainese airbag, that from now and on he will constantly wear. 


sumber: dari web Dainese

Antara Supersic, Edwards dan Rossi…

24 10 2011

Penasaran nih ane karena tiap kali attach video Youtube, selalu saja dihapus…untungnya ane dapat cuplikan detik-detik crash di Sepang..monggo disimak posisi Supersic, Edwards dan Rossi..Bagaimana kesimpulannya…??

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