When Music and Motocycle Collide – Triumph Launching Theme by Yessi Kristianto

13 03 2015

Yessi with The Miracle Band

I just found out tonight  that Yessi Kristianto, a well known keyboard player of The Miracle band who also actively contributing his talent for other project such as Samson and J-Rocks were also created a theme song for Triumph Motocycle event held some time ago.

First, I must admit that Yessi has a lot of tricks up in his sleeves, he might play on “normal” mode during his session with The Miracle band, Oh..you might want to google on Indonesia Maharddhika, he also played “Free Your Mind” single with The Miracle on that one of progressive rock album ever created in Indonesia. While on his other project, Yessi turns out to be more like musical wizard (like his twitter ID key_wiz) as his fingers creates a wide range of spectrum which will awaken your goosebumps. Baca entri selengkapnya »

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